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Hi, my name is Isabel Santis. 


My journey along the path of expanded states started in 1995 when I had a dream that changed my life. When I woke up, covered in sweat and shaking, I knew this was no ordinary dream. It was an invitation to a journey of self-discovery.

This experience catalyzed a process of self-exploration and learning.  I began studying shamanism, dreamwork, somatic embodiment, expressive art therapy, and other subjects that helped me gain skills to navigate expanded states of awareness. I also became a certified coach and completed an MA in Transformative Leadership.  All this time I was working on my "real job" as a program manager for corporations and non-profits, and while the work was challenging and interesting, it didn't fill my soul. 


I had been attended Burning Man for many years, and I somehow always found myself holding space and supporting folks who were having difficult psychedelic journeys.  I took the Zendo training in 2012 and realized that this work was my true calling but I had no idea of how to turn my vocation into a career.


Eventually, the universe helped me along.  After a string of amazing synchronicities, I enrolled in the East-West Psychology Ph.D. program at CIIS, where I was able to pursue my passion, studying  expanded states of consciousness, shamanic practices, and eco-psychology full time.  In 2019, I launched Spiral Journey, making use of all that I have learned to place in the service of my clients.  I have been honored to learn from many distinguished and generous teachers from all walks of life.  Everything I know I owe to them, and to my ancestors who have passed down their knowledge to me.

MY Qualifications


Profesional Experience

  • Creator, Spiral Journey Integration (2019 to date)

  • Guide, Nectara (2023 to date)

  • Director of Integration, Beckley Retreats (2023 to April, 2024)

  • Board Member, Sacred Garden Community Church (2020-2022)


I have also trained in EFT, Expressive Art Therapy facilitation, Psychosynthesis, dreamwork, Shamanic practices, and the Mayan Calendar, spirituality, and cosmovision. 


For a complete list of my training and qualifications, click below.


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