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Embodied Integration Workshop
In person
The Portal Community Center

Join us in this immersive experiential workshop to explore and manifest the gifts from your expanded states of consciousness.


Together, we will create a safe and Sacred Space, and using a variety of Expressive Arts - movement, visual art, sound, the written and spoken word - we will explore and unearth the layers of the inner Reality so the gifts we receive during expanded states can be manifested and put to use.

Bring the insights you have received in your Journey/s that you would like to Integrate more fully into your life. Working with these teachings and insights, we will retrieve our treasures and bring them out so that they can be lived directly in how we serve, how we ‘walk our talk’ in the material world.

Your Facilitators

Isabel Santis

Isabel is an Elder and Ordained Facilitator in the Sacred Garden Community Church, an Integrative Trauma Therapy Practitioner, Credentialed EcoTuner, and Trauma-Informed Coach. She has a MA in Transformative Leadership and is currently pursuing a PhD in East-West Psychology. She has been supporting people's intentional work with psychedelics since 2005.

Isabel is the creator of Spiral Journey Integration, combining deep exploration of our internal landscape with expressive arts, dreamwork, shamanic practices, and eco-psychology to manifest the gifts from our psychedelic explorations.


Lani Hill

Lani is a certified Pathwork Counselor and Core Energetics Therapist with almost 30 years of active membership in the Santo Daime Church based in Brazil.  She has been in a leadership position in that lineage for 20 years, and is an explorer in the realms of several other Holotropic Sacraments.


As a professional dancer, movement educator and performance artist she delights in working with ever-deeper levels of embodiment and the direct application of the Psychedelic journey experience to the "Here and Now" of daily life.

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