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Integration Cohort

A 5-Session Integration Experience for 
Consciousness Explorers 

Join me and other like-minded consciousness explorers in an integration experience like no other.

Unlike traditional integration circles, where you have a few minutes to share your experience with a room-full of strangers, Spiral Journey Integration Cohorts provide the opportunity to deepen your understanding of expanded states through experiential exercises in an intimate community setting.

You will meet as a group 5 times over two months to engage deeply with the content of your journeys. Cohorts are limited to 12 people.


We will use a combination of group shares, guided self-reflection, and embodied activities to re-connect with the wisdom you have received during your journeys and implement transformative changes in your life.

In this integration cohort, you will:

  • Share your experiences in-depth with other cohort members

  • Learn techniques to mine the wisdom of your journeys using techniques adapted from Jungian dream analysis and depth psychology.

  • Learn supportive practices that help in uncover the meaning of your journeys using integrative movement, art, journaling, etc.

  • Deepen your awareness and understanding by connecting deeply with nature outside of journey-space

  • Learn to anchor positive journey experiences that can become a resource in times of need

  • Learn somatic and energetic techniques to help move stuck energies

  • Clarify emerging attitudes, beliefs, and practices to replace outdated ones

  • Incorporate practices into your daily life that can support your continued integration


Cohort format

  • 5 live 2-hr. video workshops

  • Recorded lectures

  • Private community


Presented by Isabel Santis, MA
Creator of Spiral Journey Integration

Isabel Santis is a Psychedelic Integration Specialist, the Creator of Spiral Journey Integration, and co-founder of the Spirit Bridge Psychedelic Support Collaborative. She helps people prepare for and integrate their entheogenic explorations using movement, art, nature activities, journaling, dreamwork, and somatic techniques. She offers individual consultation, educational events, and group integration cohorts.

Isabel began learning about expanded states of consciousness at the age of 25, after a dream that changed her life. Her fascination led her to study techniques to navigate the unconscious, including shamanic journeying, Holotropic breathwork, and dreamwork, among others, and began working intentionally with psychedelics in 2005. She continued to pursue further training while working as a Program Manager in the tech and non-profit sectors. In 2018, she transitioned to work entirely in


Isabel holds an MA in Transformative Leadership from CIIS, and  certifications in Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy, Ecopsychology, Positive Psychology, and Trauma-Informed Coaching. Isabel is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in East-West Psychology at CIIS. Her dissertation research explores how intentional work with psychedelics can help people develop psycho-spiritual resilience and experience personal growth.  For her CV, click here.

In this 5-Session Course

Upcoming Dates

Spring Cohort:

March 22 to May 17

Summer Cohort:

March 22 to May 17

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Investment: $900

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