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My Story

My name is Isabel Santis, and I am a psychedelic integration coach.  My journey along this path started when, at the age of 25, I had a dream that changed my life. When I woke up, covered in sweat and shaking, I knew this was no ordinary dream. It was an invitation to a journey of self-discovery. The next morning, I went to the Jung Institute, where the kind librarian helped me research themes and images in my dream, and helped me understand its meaning.  Working with the content of my unconscious and making meaning that applied directly to my life was the beginning of my love affair with depth psychology.  

This experience catalyzed a process of self-exploration and learning.  I began studying shamanism, dreamwork, somatic embodiment, expressive art therapy, and other subjects that helped me gain skills to navigate expanded states of awareness. I also became a certified coach and got a MA in Transformative Leadership.  All this time I was working on my "real job" as a project manager for companies such as AAA. Salesforce, and KQED. 
While I loved what I was learning, I didn't really think back then that I could make a career out of my passion.

I had been going to Burning Man since 2005, and somehow, I found myself repeatedly supporting people during difficult psychedelic journeys, or helping them make sense of their experiences afterward.  I realized that this was really my calling, but I wasn't ready to make a commitment to it yet.  Eventually, the universe helped me along.  In a string of amazing synchronicities, I enrolled in the East-West Psychology Ph.D. program at CIIS, where I was able to pursue my interests in Expanded States of Consciousness, Psychedelics, and Eco-Psychology.

In 2019 I committed myself fully to supporting people on this path.  Now, I help my clients realize the gifts from their expanded states of consciousness by helping them prepare for and integrate their experiences.  Finally, I can combine my calling and training to support people's personal growth and evolution.

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