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Psychedelics for Beginners

A 4-Week Preparation Course for 
Consciousness Explorers 

With renewed interest and promising results from clinical trials, psychedelics are again making news around the world.  More people than ever are experimenting with these powerful substances for personal growth, healing, and transformation. Still, reliable information is hard to come by, and people seeking solutions are often left to their own devices, making potentially risky decisions that could cause them harm.  This 4-week course is specifically designed for new psychedelic explorers who would like to learn how to work with these powerful medicines safely, ethically, and intentionally.  


In this 4-week course, we will cover:

  • Learn about different types of psychedelics and their effects

  • Understand potential contraindications, and how to minimize your risk

  • What questions to ask to choose the right facilitator or retreat center

  • How to prepare yourself mentally, physically, and emotionally for expanded states

  • How to develop supportive intentions for your journey

  • How to create a re-entry plan that helps you integrate slowly into default reality

  • Learn new practices you can use to work with difficult experiences during your journey

  • Learn from special guests on topics like pharmacology and harm reduction

  • Discuss the ethical considerations and economic impact of cultural appropriation

  • Access checklists, tools, and resources for preparation and integration

  • Build a community of peers that can support your integration

The information provided in this course is intended for education and harm reduction purposes only.  We do not support or encourage the use of illicit substances.

By application only:  $900 for 4-sessions series or $675 before August 15.


Presented by Isabel Santis, MA
Creator of Spiral Journey Integration

I help people prepare for and integrate non-ordinary states using a variety of tools, including movement, art, nature activities, journaling, and dreamwork techniques. My journey with non-ordinary states began in 1992 with a transformative dream that challenged everything I knew and changed my life.  Since then, I have been learning about and engaging in practices from varoius traditions to learn how to navigate, make meaning from, and implement changes inspired by expanded states of consciousness.  My passions have led me to seek academic and experiential training in Ecopsychology, Depth Psychology, Shamanic practices, Traditional Knowledge, Dreamwork, and Art Therapy facilitation.  I am currently working on my PhD Dissertation on Psilocybin and Expanded States of Consciousness.  For my CV, click here.

In this 4-Week Course

Now accepting applications for 



Course Info

Dates:  September 20 to October 17 

Group Coaching:  Wednesday Evenings from 6:30-8:00 PM

Investment:  $900



$675 before August 30, 2021.

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