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I am a psychedelic educator, facilitator, content developer, and consultant.  I work in partnership with values-aligned individuals and organizations seeking to develop a psychedelic area of practice.  I bring 20 years of experience in psychedelic harm reduction, preparation, and integration, 5 years of experience in facilitating expanded states of consciousness, and 30 years of expertise in program management and operations.

I can help you with:

  • Psychedelic program design or evaluation of your existing program

  • Preparation and integration program development

  • Psychedelic education content -- preparation, integration, and navigation of expanded states

  • Facilitator training and standards

  • Design and implementing harm reduction practices.

  • Ethical alignment with the medicine

  • Gap analysis to assess where your organization is at today, define where you want to go, and determine what you need to get there.

Schedule a chat with me using this link and let's discuss how to bring your vision into reality.


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