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I offer individual and group offerings.  If we have never worked together, please schedule a consultation first so we can talk about your needs and how I might be able to support you.


30 min Discovery Call

If we haven't worked together, book this first, so you can find out more about me, my approach, and if we might be a good fit.  Let's get to know each other a little bit!  I look forward to meeting you!




Private 50-Minute Session

Book this session if you would like individualized support tailored to your specific questions and needs.  I can support you during your preparation, help you develop skills for navigating the journey, and during integration.



5 Session Package

You can use your sessions anyway you want:  for preparation, to learn how to navigate expanded states, or to integration your experience.  Ideal for someone going to a retreat or consideering a solo journey.




Integration for Life

For sustained personal and spiritual growth in a supportive group environment.

Ongoing integration support in ta group setting, with increased accountability to transform the insights from your journey into actionable changes in your life

$125/month or $1250/year

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