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Integration for Life Membership

Integration is the process of incorporating what you learn during a psychedelic journey into meaningful changes in your life.  Many people find that one or two integration sessions are not enough to support them in creating new habits and transforming the established behaviors of a lifetime.  If your work with psychedelics is part of your  are commitment to personal and spiritual development, you might be interested in the Integration for Life Membership. This innovative membership program is designed to help committed psychedelic practitioners integrate the learning and insight from their journeys by making transformative changes in their lives.  It leverages the synergies only available through group work, to increase accountability, deepen your sense of connection and receive support from a like-minded community for your personal process of transformation.

Each month, we will focus on a particular theme, like aligning values and priorities, bringing awareness to our inner dialog, or connecting deeply with others. The themes are general enough to have broad appeal, but specific enough to help you transform outdated patterns and beliefs into more nourishing habits, actions, and ways of being.

For each monthly theme, you will receive:

  • Exclusive access to monthly group call, where you will be able to connect with others kindred spirits committed to their personal and spiritual growth, and leverage the unique possibilities of group work to enhance personal transformation

  • A short, video presentation on the monthly topic

  • Guided journaling and self reflection prompts

  • A guided meditation recording you can listen to at any point

  • Coaching worksheets, checklists, and tools to enhance your self-discover and understanding

  • Additional resources, like movies, books, articles, etc. to support your continued growth

  • Free access to special topic presentations from special guests

  • Discounts on workshops, classes, and 1:1 coaching

Monthly Investment: 



$1250 for a year-long membership

Significantly less than a monthly coaching or therapy session

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