In this section, you can find videos, conference presentations, and resources I have created or curated to support my clients' learning.  If you found this content interesting, send me a note to let me know! Thanks for visiting.


What is Psychedelic Integration

In this video, I provide an introduction to the integral coaching approach I use with my clients.  I discuss some of the science of psychedelics, stages of integration, challenges, and tools for successful integration.


Psychedelics Fireseide Chats

I co-host a Club on Clubhouse where we discuss all things psychedelic, bringing in experienced professionals and international experts in conversation with regular people.  Check out the calendar of upcoming chats and join us every Tuesday at 8:00 AM.



Psychedelics 101

Want to know more about psychedelics?  Check out my list on Amazon, with essential reads that will help you expand your understanding of psychedelics. 


Chart Your Own Path

Use a worksheet to uncover your deeper motivations for working with sacred medicines and decide if they are right for you.