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My Approach


My process is an non-clinical approach grounded in shamanic practices and spirituality.  It draws heavily on my training in positive psychology coaching, eco-psychology, somatic therapy, depth psychology, and expressive arts, as well as my personal practice in the Maya K'iche' spiritual lineage.  My approach is based on my 30 years of experience navigating expanded states of consciousness, my PhD research on psychedelics, and my work supporting hundreds of people in preparing for, navigating, and integrating expanded states of consciousness.  

I taylor each private session to the specific needs of my client.  This can be help with choosing and vetting the right retreat center, preparing for a solo journey, developing the skills to engage with inner parts during a session, or learning somatic techniques to work with difficult experiences.  Above all, I help my clients transform insights from their journeys into positive, sustainable changes in their life.

The way I hold groups is based on years of experimenting with different approaches. After holding hundreds of group sessions, I've developed an approach that combines inner inquiry and connection to self, developing a deeper sense of agency and self-leadership, and a values-based approach to life.  My groups provide opportunities for self reflection, deep listening, clarifying values and beliefs, with practical problem-solving and the development of supportive, sustainable habits of thought and action that can be truly transformative in how you live your Life.


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