Proper "set and setting" are widely considered to be essential to a successful outcome when working with entheogens. 

For new consciousness explorers, preparation is essential for a successful outcome. Preparation is the process by which we prepare our set (mindset) and setting (physical environment and community) to make the best of our consciousness explorations. Depending on your. level of knowledge, you will need different things from preparation.

Each session will be tailored to your needs, and we will use a variety of tools, including movement, art-making, nature activities, journaling, and dreamwork that engage the wisdom of your whole being in the integration process.  I offer a number of packages designed to meet your specific needs.  Schedule a consultation to discuss options.



1x Month

One 50-minute private session
per month plus access to exclusive resources and the community platform.



2x Month

Two 50-minute private sessions
per month, plus access to exclusive resources and
the community platform.