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Working with psychedelics is like embarking on a grand journey of discovery.  And just like every journey, to make the best of your experience, you need to be prepared.

Think of it these way:  you wouldn't go on an expedition to hike Mount Kilimanjaro without proper preparation.  First, you need a good guide.  Someone who has done the journey, many times before, and who you can trust to put your safety in their hands.  You might not want to go with someone who has only read about it on a guide book, or a commercial operator that prioritizes volume over safety. In the world of psychedelics, choosing the right guide is paramount to a quality experience.  And if you are looking to journey solo, you need to now what safety protocols you need to put in place, and how to taket care of yourself during difficult portions of your journey.

Then, you need the right gear to complete your expedition successfully.  The right socks, shoes, layers, and sleeping gear can make, or break your expedition. When it comes to psychedelics, dosage, substance, setting, music, who you are with, and other logistics can greatly impact your experience.

And then, there are the physical, mental, and emotional preparation needed for a successful journey?  If you are hiking a difficult peak, you might be pushed to your limits of endurance and mental toughness.  You might be overcome by fear, doubt, or despair.  The same can happen during a psychedelic journey.  Expanded states of consciousness are often overwhelming, and having the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual strength to tackle challenging experiences is essential for a successful outcome.  

Each person will need different things from preparation, so my approach is tailored to meet your needs.

Preparation sessions can help you to:

  • Understand the potential risks and benefits of psychedelic use

  • Contemplate alternative methods to reach desired goals

  • Develop realistic expectations

  • Create intentions that help maximize therapeutic benefit of psychedelic use

  • Learn and practice skills for navigating expanded states of consciousness

  • Develop a vocabulary to help make sense of and talk about your experience

  • Become familiar with your internal somatic and emotional states so you can bring greater awareness to your practice

We will use a variety of techniques that engage the wisdom of your whole being in the preparation process.  I offer a number of packages designed to meet your specific needs.  Schedule a consultation to discuss options.

Work with me

If you want to get the best out of your psychedelic explorations, preparation is essential.  I offer a variety of options to fit your needs.  


Book this time if you have never worked with me before so we can get to know each other, and figure out if we are a good fit.  I look forward to meeting you and supporting you in your adventure!


If we already have a working relationship, feel free to book a 1:1 session.  This would be useful if you want to learn to navigate expanded states of or if you will be working with a new medicine.  


This is my most comprehensive offering, ideal for beginners.  It covers the most important things you need to know for choosing your experience and how to navigate and benefit from your journey.

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