Integration Coaching

Realize the gifts of your expanded states of awareness

About Me

I help my clients prepare for and make meaning of their entheogenic experiences and implement life changes that align with their emerging values.   This process of self-discovery uses guided visualization, creative expression, movement, dreamwork, nature activities, and deep reflection to expand on and uncover insights and lessons from their expanded states of consciousness.  I draw on my training in training Depth Psychology, Ecopsychology, and Expressive Art Therapy to support my clients' process.  Let me help you bring your gifts to the world!

"He who passes unsanctified and uninitiated into the world below will lie in a slough, but he who arrives there after initiation and purification will dwell with the gods."




Complimentary Consultation

Book a complimentary 30-minute consultation session so we can get to know each other, discuss your goals, and figure out if we want to work together.


Set and setting can make all the difference to your journey.  I can help you prepare mentally and emotionally for a successful outcome, develop a support structure and plan your reintegration to the default world


The few weeks after your return are when new patterns and behaviors can be formed.  This is a time to integrate. the insights from your journey with your emerging values so you can fully realize the gifts of the medicine. 


Q.  What are entheogens?


Entheogens are chemical substances, usually of plant origin, ingested to achieve a non-ordinary state of consciousness for personal growth and/or spiritual development. The term is used instead of psychedelic to denote mindful, intentional use, as opposed to casual or recreational use.

Q.  What is integration?


Integration is the process by which we create meaning from our experiences, adapt our mental models, and incorporate the insights from psychedelic journeys into our everyday life.  Integration can greatly increase the benefits of working with psychedelics substances by allowing these insights to inform our behavior..

Q.  Do you guide journeys or provide referrals for practitioners that do?


I do not provide or procure medicines for my clients  If you have chosen to work with entheogens, I can support your safety and healing.  My services fall under the category of education and harm reduction. I do not encourage the use of any substance, legal, or illegal.


Thanks for subcribing.  I will be in touch soon.